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This movie is not a traditional independent film. We are not film students, and know virtually nothing about "how to make it in the film business". We just got together in our spare time and made a raw movie.

Unlike almost everything on television and in major theatres, this movie is not a source of revenue for a large entertainment corporation. There is no big budget to recoup, and no influence of commerciality on the filmmaking. You may find our lack of motives refreshing. You may enjoy our simplicity, and wonder why Hollywood movies cost so much.

We started with a used production-quality Super 8 film camera (a discarded relic from the seventies - much like the ones used for old news footage). We sought only the most interesting outdoor locations, and filmed spontaneously with a skeleton cast/crew. All places and things in the film are scrounged, borrowed, and trespassed upon - everything from the Komatsu backhoes to the Housatonic River dam.

We completely avoided expensive post-production costs. All the visual editing was done with a reel-to-reel editor and hand splicer. Who splices Super 8 film by hand nowadays? We did, and the effect is great.

Come to one of our showings and see for yourself. You haven't seen something like this in a long time.