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A War in the Woods

A young girl is murdered in the woods, and her body is stolen from the city morgue days later. Detective Ray Mikalen, a seasoned Vietnam war veteran, is charged to find a quick answer to the mystery.

What unravels is an exciting and disturbing connection between a desperate loner, a clever and evasive psychopath, and a dangerous recluse dwelling in the forest. Ray plunges into his investigation, but soon becomes entangled in a trap of conflicting motives.

The loner and the psychopath make a deceitful deal, and both are led down a twisting path of greed, ambition, and folly. They inevitably unleash the wrath of the woodsman, John Bernal, who, in his own right, has left a collection of bodies to uncover.

Ray must sift through this tale of violence, where the distinctions between murder and justice are blurred. He too, is soon tempted by murderous thoughts. But, just as the case begins to unfold, Ray finds himself facing his own death, facing the grave.